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Decide Now: Sarah Palin for President? Watch This

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Sarah palin – avoidable gamble for presidency

Newt Gingrich says Katie Couric is “the enemy” that Sarah can’t handle right now.

Sooooo… is she ready now??

George Will:

When is she ready to be President? That’s the question.

Life is full of gambles that are unavoidable. This surely was an avoidable gamble.

tomm2thumbs said:

John McCain chose a gamble that was “avoidable”; Compulsive gamblers need help… not the Presidency.

Let’s not ever forget, this woman could quite easily be the next President of these United States, a land and honor we hold so dearly to our hearts. Sarah Palin is prompted and pumped and primed for every big speech she gives. For the interviews for which she has not been made robotic, she flubbers and flusters around like a kid at a spelling bee who’s never heard the word she’s been asked to spell. No amount of winking and repeating the word “maverick” will calm the treacherous waters stirred up by the real enemies of America, forget the enemy Sarah Palin sees in Katie Couric!

Some comments:

ccaf820 wrote:
I couldn’t agree more. This woman is a serious danger and I don’t know how McCain can sleep at night having made such an irresponsible choice.

flyingmagiccarpet wrote:
Forget it. Didnt work with Mr. George W. Bush, either.
When the lights are out, get a electrician. Not the priest.

TheloniousThinks wrote:
Yup… a “pit bull” who supposedly “took on” big oil, and “took on” corrupt politicians in her own party…. is afraid of reporters. She’s terrified of questions like “What do you think about this or that policy?” “What should we do about this or that foreign country?” “What newspaper do you read?” It is pathetic and scary. Do NOT vote for McCain.

Here’s the video:

Also, be sure to view the video at Funny Or Die entitled Sarah Palin in 4 Minutes. It’s an interesting take on this Veep pick.

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Palin Falsely (again) Accuses Obama of Not Supporting Clean Coal (Video)

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Stay on them, Truth Squad!

On a side note, I am a bit troubled at how Sarah Palin had to keep looking over at John McCain as if she needed affirmation from him that she was *wink* *gotcha* doing ok *gotcha* *wink* and *wink* *gotcha* saying the right things *gotcha* *wink*.

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The McCain/Palin Silence Disgrace, Video

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Joe at Thrill Factory has posted a video of Keith Olbermann, anchor for MSNBC, providing an editorial of the “deafining silence” by Sarah Palin as she idly carries on after yet another audience member shouts a hateful message regarding Senator Obama. Keith also points out McCain’s irresponsibility AND responsibility in regards to the incendiary tone his campaign has taken.

When will this “MAVERICK” finally stand up and do what’s right? November 5th, 2008?

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Young Black Man – “I’m Bristol’s Baby’s Dad”

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Seems there is a young black man who is claiming paternity of Bristol Palin’s unborn baby. Whaaa? See the video for yourself. (Story from NowPublic.)

Is this just an attempt at quick fame (or infamy) by a young man in a remote state who may not otherwise be known? Or is there a chance that this is one of those proverbial skeletons of the Palin family. If the latter, it won’t be a dusty, closeted secret for long, will it? If the former, a good suggestion is for us all to move on, forward to a deeper and more critical analysis of the McCain/Palin travesty that may befall our country.

That said, IF this is a story that bears any truth, it says much about the Palin camp. The father of Bristol’s baby could be blue, green, purple or from Mars; the point would surely be the further deception by Sarah Palin and John McCain.

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Palin has security experience b/c Alaska is close to Russia

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“You know, the experience that she comes from is, what she has done in government — and remember that Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia.”

And so………………………….. Well, nothing much to say to that.

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Pray About Your Gayness – Sarah Palin’s Church

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Sarah Palin’s church bulletin reads:

You’ll be encouraged by the power of God’s love and His desire to transform the lives of those impacted by homosexuality.

The above is “according to the insert in the bulletin of the Wasilla Bible Church, where Palin has prayed for about six years.” (Palin’s Church Promotes Conversion Of Gays – The Huffington Post).

This sounds like another one of those “god hates fags” groups, just in a softer manner, likely tongue-in-cheek. Interestingly enough, their bulletin appears to be offline or corrupt now –

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Sarah Palin – Gender Card When It’s Convenient

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Just another reason to get a daily dose of alternative news — Jon Stewart of the Daily Show shows how words are twisted so conveniently to benefit the moment. A bit from Karl Rove, Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris and fast-talking Nancy Pfotenhauer, McCain’s Senior policy advisor.

Sarah Palin Gender Card – link

You can’t “retreat behind those apron strings”, Dick Morris!

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About Sarah Palin: A Letter From Anne Kilkenny

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This article, an open letter written by a resident of Alaska about Sarah Palin, is a must-read. Not only is this lady an Alaska local, she is a resident of Wasilla, Alaska and has sat at many council meetings with Sarah Palin. This letter is not just from some schmuck with a grudge, but from an informed, concerned and active woman from Alaska who has chosen to not sit idly by while the rest of the world wonders who Mrs. Palin really is.
About Sarah Palin: A Letter From Anne Kilkenny
(Tip: trust only the above linked original site as a source of this letter.)

With over 1,000 comments posted in just a few short days since the release of this letter, you can bet there are many passionate opinions being passed around. You will find just as much passion in this letter. Oh, and if the authenticity of the letter is questioned, you can double check the validity via the good folks over at (the urban legend authorities).

The original page was located at:

and now redirects to:
Letters From Alaska

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